About Us

Our mission is to automate and simplify service delivery to the customers and key stakeholders driven by customers and business functions’ autonomous and innovative thinking, maintaining active awareness of industry technology and competitive market trends.

Our vision is to provide quality conventional and modern process engineering consultative services emphasizing autonomy, compassion, operational sustainability and respected, data driven results.

Our philosophy is:

  1. Empathy for customers, prior to key stakeholders, is integral to building customer relationships and maintain satisfaction with delivery of solutions.
  2. To build objectivity, consistently use quantitative key baseline metrics to justify strategic and tactical initiative opportunities.
  3. Utilize autonomous collaborative innovation path to influence healthy change within the organization.

Gregory ZupanThe founder of Zupan eSystematic Solutions LLC, Gregory Zupan, is an IT business process engineering consultant. From 1999 to 2012 he worked at Intel Corporation.  During that time he applied IT Lean Six Sigma mentoring and integration within industrialized, high paced technology manufacturing and IT organization. Since then he's applied Business Process Improvement in various non-profit organizations, including medical healthcare, to help ease the way for technological integration within healthcare and efficiency-based cost reductions. He holds a Masters Degree in Business Administration and accreditations in PMP®, ITIL Framework, CMMI ver. 1.3 SCAMPI Class C Appraiser, Lean Six Sigma Black Belt with hands-on experience as a medical first responder and a healthcare cost reduction change agent. For further background about Gregory Zupan, please view his profile on LinkedIn

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